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Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit: Room For Leftovers

Well hello Monday, we meet again. Per usual, I’m like 3 weeks behind in posting this outfit from Vermont – but what else is new, I’m just embracing the latency at this point. Furthermore, it’s too good to get left behind and as much as I envy all you “in the moment” people, I work best when I’ve had time to collect my thoughts. Like, 3 weeks time. Okay, exaggerating — but if you’ve been following along you know this is nothing new this year. 
Anyway, with Thanksgiving right around the corner it’s time to shift gears towards all the comfy yet cute outfits that let you fill your tummy until it can’t be filled anymore. I like to call this one “room for leftovers.” I mean thank god for yoga pants and elastic waistbands. A poncho is also the perfect disguise for that food baby Thanksgiving always likes to bestow upon us. I know you know what I mean! It’s also incredibly warm without being restricting, which is key in my opinion. Having lived in Florida for eight years, means anything below 60 degrees feels cold to me. It also means, I’ve never been a big jacket person – so a poncho is the perfect happy medium. I wore a simple thermal like this one underneath it, and paired it with my all time favorite leggings. I own 3 pairs of these leggings and  they hold up perfectly. If you don’t own a pair, do yourself a favor and snag them here. You’ll see what I mean when you put them on. Worth it! 
Shane and I took a trip down to Windy Hill Orchard and indulged in another apple cider donut with friends this weekend. Not on the wedding diet, I know. But if you’re local to Charlotte and want something fun to do on a Saturday, they play live music and have a cute little outdoor seating area! Both of us love all things fall, so we’ve basically been chasing all the fall vibes our little hearts can take on the weekends until it’s too cold to be outside anymore!


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