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Free People Striped Tee

This top and these jeans are everything, ya’ll! I wore this outfit back in Vermont, and got a ton of compliments on it but the top sold out almost immediately so I’m just getting around to talking about it now that it’s been restocked! The top is super stretchy and tucks into jeans perfectly! The sleeves are what truly brings it to life for me, and it’s under $60. I’m also really excited that flare jeans are back. These are inexpensive and perfect to pair with pointed toe heels. My scarf is from last season, but due to it’s popularity and price point – it’s back again this year! Yay! During fashion week back in February, I was on the hunt for a belt that looked similar to the Gucci one everyone raves about but at a less expensive price point. Insert this one! It comes in two colors, and is half the price of it’s designer version. Yes, it’s still expensive but if you sign up for e-mails or purchase from the Tory Burch store – you can get $50 off around your birthday month! If you can’t wait that long, it’s an investment piece. A belt is somethig that’s never going to go out of style and can be worn with any outfit. Treat yourself!
On another note, I’ve come down with a cold! I’m pretty sure my entire bridal party is down for the count with the same thing after this past weekend in Miami. I tried out the Medicine Ball drink from Starbucks which helped me feel better for a little while, but it was short lived! Do you guys have any other home remedy suggestions for getting over a cold? I try to avoid the doctor as much as possible, so any tips are appreciated! xoxo.


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