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Take me to Greece!


Greece has always been on my bucket list, although lately my fixation with wanting to go there is becoming a more reoccurring thought. I’ve spent the majority of my life traveling all over the world due to the line of work my father is in and there is nothing I am more grateful for, than the endless opportunities I had growing up to experience different cultures, foods, landscapes etc. Traveling truly fascinates me, however the real world has settled in and my trips overseas are limited these days. So for now, this amazing Kimono will be bringing the Greek isles to me!

The Bali Kimono is just right for those crazy days that start off cool, and end a hot sweaty mess! It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to peel off & throw into your bag as you go. Not to mention, this thing has got to be wrinkle proof! I had it stuffed in the bottom of my bag when traveling around Mexico for hours and it came out looking just like it did off the hanger – amaze. The colors are exactly as pictured, deep blue & bright white and it pairs perfectly with a crop top & distressed shorts, a simple white dress, over a romper, or over a white cami & distressed jeans. So versatile, you can’t go wrong with it! I’ve also linked a fewer similar options at better price points. I hope everyone has a great Monday!


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