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Pops Of Red + A Life Update

Hi friends, happy Sunday! This was a big week for me, well – it’s really been a big month in general for travel, change, and life overall. If you follow me on social media, you probably know I’ve spent the last three weekends traveling to Miami, Dallas, and Las Vegas with Charleston this weekend. What a lineup! I’m exhausted just typing that. Dallas and Vegas were firsts for me, which was exciting, however I don’t think I’ll ever need to go back to Vegas, ha! I’m a pretty chill, grab dinner and drinks and then go home kinda girl, and Vegas was on another level. Granted, we were there for a bachelorette so it was to be expected and celebrating my girl and her upcoming nuptials was a must!I attended my first RewardStyle Conference, otherwise known as #rsthecon on social media, in Dallas last week. It was such a cool experience! My trip was cut short due to the bachelorette overlapping, but the two days I got to experience were a blast. It’s a whirlwind weekend full of meeting all the faces you see on social media daily, chatting with brands, learning about upcoming changes with liketoknow.it and the app (if you have the app, follow me in it for all my outfit details), and attending socials. The app is such a cool thing to have in my opinion. I used liketoknow.it in college and would always have to wait on the emails to be able to shop, so I wish we would’ve had the capability to just look up the details immediately like you can now! They also released a “wish list” function where you can save items you like but aren’t ready to purchase just yet to your wish list and return to them later without having to look up the influencer again. So helpful!

Earlier this week I mentioned I had a life update for you guys, so let’s get on to the big news – I know you’re waiting! I finally decided to leave my corporate job! This is something I had been torn with doing for awhile now. I was in sales for one of the best companies out there, made new best friends, hit many milestones, and the job itself was fun and had it’s perks. But at the end of the day, my heart was somewhere else, and that somewhere else was The Cheeky Been. It’s really hard to put into words what that feels like, I had never experienced a passion like this one until now. I constantly had this voice telling me my corporate job wasn’t for me anymore, but I was honestly scared to listen to it.  I had been there for five years, it was comfortable, and “safe”. But as we all know, you have to take a risk sometimes or you’ll always wonder “what if.” So here I am guys! Taking a risk and praying for the best! Your support of this little blog of mine means more than you’ll ever know, and I only hope to continue to serve you in every way possible.

With that being said, if there’s anything you want more of or something I don’t talk about here that you’d love to hear about – please send me an email, leave me a comment, or a DM! I love hearing from you, and your feedback is gladly accepted.

As for this outfit, I originally wore these pants in NYC back in February and got so many compliments on them that I couldn’t wait to style them again for spring! Unfortunately, they sold out but I found a pretty comparable pair which you can find here. My top is also a best seller, and super cute paired with jean shorts for those warmer days. It kind of reminds me of that sweet “all American” girl – perfect for Memorial Day weekend too!

And just like that, I’m signing off and wishing you a happy Sunday evening! PS: It feels so good to not have the Sunday scaries for the first time in a year. Raising a glass to that! Cheers.



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