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Kelly Green Striped Set

I mean, could this set be any cuter?! I wore this around Charleston last weekend while we were there for a wedding and loved it for a few reasons. Sets are so easy, ya’ll! They completely take the thought out of getting ready, and honestly – some days I need that. If you’re familiar with Charleston, then you know it’s always hotter than the blazes down there this time year! So, I’m always looking for things that are cute, but keep me cool while we are out and about. Lord knows I don’t like to get ready only to end up sweating an hour later (comfort over everything)! Needless to say, the material this set is made out of is lightweight and super breathable which is perfect for any location mid summer! Plus, you can never go wrong with poms poms and ruffles – they win me over every time. PS: Here’s a tip for you guys, if you use code “candy” at checkout on this outfit, it will take 10% off. Happy shopping!
Speaking of weddings, we had another wedding we attended this weekend. Thankfully this one was local so we didn’t have to travel anywhere! We’ve attended so many over the last year, that I’m thinking about doing another “what to wear to a wedding” post soon! Stay tuned! Hope ya’ll had a great Cinco De Mayo weekend!


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