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Y’all, I am SO excited for the launch of my brand new product line, The Cheeky Been Socks, my newly redesigned and leveled up website, and achieving a huge goal of mine to have my very own product! In this episode, I’m sharing the behind the scenes of how the product line was created, my intention behind empowering all members of the Bad Bitch Club (hint: that includes you!!), and how you can score a free pair!

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Some key takeaways from my new product line launch recap include:

  • My blog started as a way to marry my psychology background and passion for helping people feel better with my love of fashion and styling. I knew the next big step for me would be creating a product to combine all my passions and my love for my Bad Bitch Club of personal besties.
  • I love the look of my Versace crew socks, but the quality is not great and the price point is inaccessible. I knew I could make a better product that was high quality, would hold up in the washing machine, and be super stylish.
  • We have two sock colors available now (“The Meryl” and “The Kristen” named after two women who inspire me so much!), and we will be launching new colors seasonally!

Welcome to The Cheeky Been Podcast! I’m your host Vanessa Krombeen, the creator behind The Cheeky Been, a lifestyle blog that empowers women to feel their best through fitness, fashion, health and wellness, and motherhood tips. In this show, you will find thought provoking conversations with entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands you love and the answers to your most sought after questions. 

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