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You know the old saying that you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you help put on anyone else’s? It’s so hard to apply that once we become mothers. Suddenly we’re the last priority on the list, and we’re left feeling depleted and unfulfilled. In this episode, I’m sharing the ways I’m prioritizing my own self care so I can show up as the best mom, wife, and business owner possible. 

Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • The #1 priority in your life should be you. It might sound taboo to say that anyone comes before your kids or your partner, but if your cup is empty, you can’t show up as the best mom possible. 
  • As moms, we are conditioned to sacrifice, but we need help and we need to protect our boundaries to care for ourselves. Ask for more help from your partner, and don’t feel guilty for doing so. You’re only one person!
  • Take a solo staycation or vacation. Have your partner or a trusted family member take the kids for the weekend so you can enjoy some time alone where no one needs you for anything.

Welcome to The Cheeky Been Podcast! I’m your host Vanessa Krombeen, the creator behind The Cheeky Been, a lifestyle blog that empowers women to feel their best through fitness, fashion, health and wellness, and motherhood tips. In this show, you will find thought provoking conversations with entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands you love and the answers to your most sought after questions. 

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