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31. Going to Couples Counseling, Marriage After Babies, and Keeping Your Relationship a Priority with Shane Dyer

So, full transparency: my husband and I are in marriage counseling… and we love it! In this episode, my best friend and partner in life, Shane Dyer, is on the podcast to share our experience of how our marriage changed after having a baby, how we keep the romance alive, and answering your burning questions!

Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • One big source of conflict for so many couples is division of household and childcare tasks. Clearly define those responsibilities and who is in charge of what, and tweak it over time until the routine works well for both of you.
  • We have to be super intentional about carving out time together. Between our work schedules and kids schedules, if we don’t put a date night or weekend getaway on the calendar, it’s not gonna happen!
  • Sometimes, marriage does require some sacrifices. For me, that’s been going to a football game or two with Shane every year, and for Shane it’s holding down the fort at home so I can go to the gym in the mornings.

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