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27. I’ve Been Struggling Lately… How I’m Coping with My Anxiety, Scary Test Results, and More

Like a lot of you guys, I thrive off of routine and stability, so when things get a little crazy and unpredictable, my nervous system goes into overdrive. In this episode, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve been going through this year, the state of my mental health, and the tools I’m using to help calm my nervous system.

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Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • I never want anyone to think that I’m complaining, being negative, or that I’m not showing up as my best self, but I want to be transparent and remind you that we all have struggles we’re going through. It’s completely okay to not be okay. 
  • Some of the tools I’ve been using to help manage my anxiety include daily gratitude journaling, working with my doctor to choose an as-needed anxiety medication, and limiting my caffeine intake.
  • Bone broth has been a huge game changer for me. It’s super high in protein so it’s filling, it has a calming effect, and because it has collagen, it’s also amazing for your skin.

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