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26. Clean Beauty 101 | Makeup and Skincare for Better Health and Flawless Skin with Tiffany Parrish of Selenite Beauty

The queen of clean beauty is in the house! Tiffany Parrish is the Founder & CEO of Selenite Beauty and Spa here in Charlotte, NC. She founded Selenite as a way to bring clean beauty, skincare, and wellness services to others after rigorously researching food and product ingredients after a personal health crisis. In this episode, she shares her knowledge of switching to cleaner products, her favorite products for flawless skin, and how she balances running her business with being a mom of three kids!

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Products mentioned:

Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • There’s no reason to spend a fortune overhauling your products and replacing them all with cleaner options. Simply take baby steps to try cleaner swaps for the products you use most every day.
  • “Clean” is a really general term and can mean different things to different companies. Look for companies like Selenite who are very clear about what that means in terms of the ingredients and sustainability practices they’re using.
  • One of the most underrated habits is going for walks without your phone. It’s amazing the things you’ll notice and the ways you’ll connect with the things and people around you without your phone.

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