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25. Female Friendships in Your 30s | Mean Girls, Seasons of Life, Hard Conversations, and Friendship Deal Breakers

My best friend, Meryl Balcome, is back on the podcast this week! This time, we’re tackling a topic that isn’t addressed enough: female friendships. From making friends in your 30s to maintaining friendships in different seasons and phases of life, we’re sharing all our hot takes on what it takes to make your female friendships thrive through it all. Plus, we talk about Vanessa’s recent run-in with mean girls, disagreeing on hot topics, and our friendship deal breakers. 

Resources mentioned:

  • Listen to Episode 3: Meryl Balcome on Career Longevity, Marriage Tips, Living Child-Free & More

Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Female friendships should feel intimate and safe. You should feel comfortable and excited to be around your closest girlfriends, and trust them to show up just as you are without judgment.
  • If your friends are willing to gently and respectfully talk to you when you’re acting out of character, that’s a sign they truly care about you and your friendship. 
  • Every friend has a “fatal flaw,” that we need to accept about them because we love them. If this flaw annoys you to no end, you probably need to “demote” that person from your top tier friends.

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