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22. Building a Product-Based Business, Getting on HGTV, and Finding Work Life Balance with John Freeman

If there’s anyone who can tell us how to build a wildly successful product-based business, Johnny Fly is the guy! John Freeman is the Founder and Owner of the eyewear and leather goods brand Johnny Fly here in Charlotte. In this episode, he’s giving us the full behind the scenes of where he learned how to run a business, how his fashion brand grew from his kitchen table to a global sensation, and how he balances his work with being a husband and father.

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Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Get better with every iteration of your product or service, and take the time to assess what you want to build and improve on in your business.
  • Do what you can to establish your business as a legit brand. John had a branded phone number with 7 or 8 extensions that all went to the same place, but it helped legitimize his business to people reaching out.
  • Stick to your values. If there’s something that’s really important to you, don’t compromise on it. For Johnny Fly, it’s creating sustainable processes and products, and all their decisions revolve around this value.

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