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How To Style a Coffee Table

Vase can be found here
Styling a coffee table can be a daunting task. Along with a sofa, it’s known as the centerpiece of any living/family room and like our bookcase (see this post), I wanted the coffee table to be functional, yet trendy. Being that we live in a smaller home, our coffee table is one of the first things people see when they come over, and often times serves multiple purposes. So, I decided to invest a little time into making it my own version of perfect. 
A few things I learned along the way:

– Stick to multiples shades of only one, two, or (max) three colors. In our case, I tried to stick with neutral heus.
– Add in gold or silver accents with less conventional, non-metal items like a gold or silver lacquer tray, candle, playing cards etc.
Natural elements: These add a pop of color, and bring the outdoors in.
Candles: You can never go wrong here (I think?), they add ambiance to the room and smell good. 
Books: Choose books that you actually want to read, and that may be of interest to your visitors as well. I obviously have a passion for fashion and this was the perfect reason to splurge on that Chanel book I had been wanting.
Decorative accents: We actually call them trinkets at our house, but they are interesting to look at, and generally spark conversation between guests.
Tray: I love trays. They’re a fantastic way to organize and group together some of the previously stated items.

Afterall, a coffee table is an investment piece but should be fun to style! Don’t rush the process, and find items you truly love! All product details can be found below.




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