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How To Look Stylish In The Office

When I was younger I used to dream about the days of having a corporate America job with a laid back atmosphere where I could truly express my style via work wear fashion – aka skinny jeans, cute pumps, and a velvet blazer (insert heart eyes emoji). Well. I grew up, got that job, and unfortunately for me, our dress code didn’t allow for my long standing love of jeans or casual Fridays. So I had to rewrite the plan, and somewhere along the line I kind of lost my zest for work clothes. Grabbing clothes out of my closet that were both stylish and acceptable for a days worth of meetings just wasn’t happening. I can only handle so many pencil skirts and blouses before my creative side has a serious fit. I also really hated (and still do) how expensive work clothes are! Who wants to spend an arm and a leg on something you don’t really love!? I guess that’s my biggest problem. If I have to buy clothes for something, I want to feel in confident in them! After all, I wear my corporate attire five days a week and only truly get to express my personal sense of style two days a week. 
So with that being said, I started my quest for office outfits I could swear by – and I finally found them! Ann Taylor has hands down, THE best options in my opinion. They offer the perfect balance of fashion forward and “work appropriate” at a decent price point. My entire outfit above was recently marked down by 50%, making each piece under $50. They run sales like these often as well! So if you’re a smart shopper, save items you are interested in to your wish list – and check back frequently (right before the weekend is best) to see if any of them are eligible for a discount. 
During Cyber Monday this year, I purchased these leggings and this top in every color offered. It’s important to me to feel comfortable and confident in my clothes at work and this outfit is just that. Combined with the fabric, the detailing these leggings offer down the front of the pant, takes these from casual to business appropriate. Generally speaking, leggings are not appropriate for the office. So I was super excited to find a pair that were! They’re so comfortable that when I get home from work, I’m not running up the stairs the second I walk in the door to change out of them, which is a major win in my book. I paired them with a feminine blouse which you can find here, and as the temperatures drop it’s the perfect piece to add a trench or shawl collar coat too! 


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