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Designer Gifts Under $200

Raise your hand if you love a good bargain! I know I do. Today I’ve teamed up with the Charlotte Premium Outlets (Charlotte’s newest upscale outlet center) to bring you affordable gift ideas with designer labels! I’m so excited to talk about this because I feel like the general reputation with designer brands is that it’s not affordable for the average shopper. Personally, I shop at the outlets for specific pieces that traditionally come with a higher price tag (IE. coats, gloves, winter boots etc). Outlet shopping can be overwhelming, so I recommend coming up with a game plan of what you are specifically looking for prior to making your trip. In addition to planning which items you are seeking, I also recommend game planning where you want to look for these products. Some of my favorite retailers within the outlets include Saks Off Fifth, Kate Spade, Steve Madden, and Michael Kors – which you will see items from below! So let’s get started! 
#1 Kate Spade Beanie //  Can we talk about how cute this is?! It’s the perfect gift for the girly girl who loves all things pink in your tribe! This would be a great gift for someone who lives in a cold weather climate, or just loves to accessorize with pretty pieces. 
#2 Kate Spade Card Holder // I actually got this for my sister last year and monogrammed it! If you have someone you want to purchase for (IE. a team member at work, your husbands little sisters etc.) but don’t want to splurge, this is an affordable gift option that’s useful! 
#3 David Lerner Leggings // Coated leggings and jeans are a hot commodity this season! They are one of the most sold products amongst bloggers this year, and almost everybody is happy with them! Traditionally David Lerner is pretty expensive, but these are marked down 52% making them under $60! I enjoy wearing them under my puffer jacket, or with an oversized sweater to dinner!
#4 Kate Spade Glitter IPhone Case // This is such a fun gift! I myself have a glitter iPhone case and get questions and compliments about it all the time! Nearly everyone has an iPhone these days, so using this as a gift option is nearly a safe bet. It’s also one of those items that most people don’t care to purchase for themselves when they need a new one, but are pleased with when received as a gift! Coming in at under $30, you can’t go wrong with this one!
#5 Michael Michael Kors Faux Fur Jacket // I own this jacket in charcoal, and it’s one of the most useful things I’ve purchased for myself! I was on the hunt for a puffer jacket to wear in NYC and couldn’t find one at an affordable price until I made a trip to the outlets. Thankfully, it’s still in stock this year! I’ve worn it countless times and love the quality. See this blog post for how I styled it!
#6 Surrell Leather & Rabbit Fur Gloves // Last year, we took a trip to NYC the weekend before Christmas and I totally underestimated the New York temps! We hopped in Saks Off Fifth to warm up, and I spotted these leather gloves on sale! Living in the Carolina’s, you don’t really need gloves like this but for a few days out of the year, so I thought “what the heck, they’re too soft not to buy and they’ll keep my hands warm while I’m here!” – best. decision. ever! These are a fabulous gift option for your Mother In Law, Wife, Girlfriend, or Mom, Grandmother etc. They seem like they’d be a giant splurge, but at under $100 – its a win win. 
#7 Sorel Winter Boots // Another under $100 steal! I have these in black and they’ve come in handy so many times! I prefer them over my rain boots as the inside of these is nicely lined and insulated so your foot stays warm. This would be a great gift for someone who lives in an area where it snows or rains frequently, or for the girl who loves to take those winter trips! 
#8 Ugg Ear Muffs // First of all, who doesn’t love anything made by Ugg?! More importantly, who hates cold ears!? Everyone. This is such a fun gift that people can use for a lifetime! It’s classic, timeless, and all around a solid gift option at an affordable price point. 

Thank you to the Charlotte Premium Outlets for sponsoring this post!


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