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Favorite Purchases of 2019

Beats By Dre // I switched over to these after using the airpods for about a year and truly love the sound quality and functionality of these much better than the airpods. My airpods died on a regular basis, took a long time to charge, and charged unevenly so one was constantly dead while the other was charged. The Beats charge super fast, last me about a month of daily use before needing another charge, and I find the over ear style much more comfortable. I don’t have any issues with them falling out while running either!
Adidas SWIFT Runners // These weren’t my first pair of SWIFT’s. I actually own them in several other colors, but I bought two new pairs from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year due to the price being so low. They are my most worn tennis shoe and a 2019 best seller amongst my readers.
Gucci Marmont Crossbody // This was a treat to myself earlier in the year. I had saved up my Nordstrom notes to essentially make this bag half off and it’s my most worn and used designer bag in my closet. Because it’s black, it functions as a year round bag and goes with everything – plus, it’s a wallet inside so you don’t need to worry about room for a card case or wallet!
Styled Collection Bangles // I have several David Yurmans, and wanted to complete my arm stack with a few others I had my eye on but, the price range of those is not in my favor. I was introduced to the Styled Collection bangles in the spring, and decided to try those out as dupes for the Yurmans. I have worn them daily for 9 months now, and they look exactly like the real deal! Great quality, no tarnishing at all, and the price point is fantastic.
Soko Glam Skincare Serum // In November I tried out some new skincare products from Soko Glam (you can find the full post here), and fell in love with a new favorite! This serum is a best seller on their website and feels fantastic on. I layer it after a toner and under my moisturizer and it has enhanced the hydration and elasticity of my skin. It’s also really nice to wear with no makeup for a dewy healthy glow.
Leopard Onzie Leggings // I’m a legging fanatic! I have more pairs than I can count but this was my first go around with the Onzie brand. The price point is fantastic, the leggings hold up great during a workout, and wash really well without wearing out! The leopard print also gets tons of compliments and can be worn simply for athleisure, as well as functionality.
Black Moonlight Short Pajamas // Who doesn’t love a good pair of jammies!? I fell in love with these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and was sorry I didn’t snag a second color. They’re made from a jersey knit material, super soft and breathable and all around – just super comfy!
Framebridge Gallery Wall Frames // I upgraded the entryway to our house with a gallery wall from Framebridge and nothing makes me happier than walking in the door and looking at our wedding photos! The quality and service Framebridge provides is something to rave about, and the installation process was super simple.
Media Console  // I purchased this console from Wayfair over the summer. I was looking for a reasonably priced piece that looked expensive, served as extra storage space, and still held up from a quality stand point. Audrey Hood of Audrey Hood interiors introduced me to this one and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s beautiful to look at, the delivery was seamless, and the price point is great!
MAC Eye Shadow in Sable // My girls over at Look Love Beauty turned me onto this eye shadow color! I’ve been wearing it daily ever since I ordered it. If you have green or hazel eyes, you’ll want to add this to your makeup bag! It enhances the color of your eyes and is neutral enough to go with every outfit.
Golli ACV Gummies // Not pictured, but has helped my digestive system tremendously this year! I can’t stomach the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar but these gummies taste fantastic and do the trick!


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