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4 Binge Worthy TV Shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime

This may sound very simple, but one of my favorite things to do together with Shane is find a binge worthy show. It forces me to put the phone down at night, and it gives us quality time and a common interest to look forward to on a regular basis. Recently we’ve had a ton of luck with several different series we just simply cannot stop watching. As soon as we’ve finished one, we’re always asking around for the next best show to watch – so with that being said, I thought it might be helpful to you guys to chat about the four most recent shows we’ve binged on and a little about each! I’m ranking them in order of how much we liked them – here we go!

1. Power // Available on Starz, Amazon Prime, and Hulu

Hands down, best show we’ve ever watched! This series originally aired in 2014 and has 5 seasons of episodes available to watch (season 6 airs this July). Power is an American drama series that tells the story of a New York based drug dealer who wants out of his deep seeded life to pursue a legitimate business. Without giving too much away, each episode has you on the edge of your seat and we simply could not turn it off. It’s regularly one of Starz’s most watched series, and arguably the best written show of all time (in my opinion).

2. Bodyguard // Netflix Original Series

A new drama series originally released in 2018, Bodyguard is the story of an ex-military vet who fought in the Middle East and prevents a suicide bomber from blowing up a train in London. In light of his heroic act, he’s promoted to a bodyguard position for a high profile politician. This is yet another action packed series that leaves you hanging at the end of each episode! There’s only one season so far, but I’m hoping they will continue this series, because like Power, we couldn’t get enough!

3. Dirty John // Available on Bravo, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vudu and Google Play

This has been my latest television binge! I first heard about Dirty John on a podcast where they interviewed one of the daughters who this story is based on. So yes, it’s based on true events which makes this show even more interesting! Debra, the main character of this series seems to have it all – she’s beautiful, successful, family oriented, and lives in Newport Beach, California. The only thing missing in her life is love, which ends up being the background for this entire series. I have two episodes left to go, but can hardly wait to see the ending. A little tip, the first episode is really slow – I actually asked my audience for their opinion, and all said to keep watching which was definitely the right move!

4. Siesta Key // Available on MTV and Amazon Prime

Siesta Key is an American Reality Television Series based in you guessed it — Siesta Key, Florida. To be honest, I was shocked we liked this show as much as we did but there’s just something about watching a group of privileged 20 year olds subject themselves to drama, scandalous love scenes, and heartbreak. It originally aired in 2017, and after a wildly successful start, MTV ordered 8 more episodes to be added on to season one. Season two airs tonight!


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