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10 Random Things I’m Loving Right Now

Good morning, babes! I’m finally back home after a long trip around New England. This was my first time visiting Boston and New Hampshire, and my second time in Vermont and it was absolutely stunning. I will say, I’m happy to be back home and with my family though – I missed them!
For toady’s post, I thought it would be fun to share 10 random things I’m really loving right now! I spend a lot of time trying out new products, ordering the latest and greatest, and using researching “what’s next”, but I don’t always get to share my thoughts on those items via my outfit pictures on Instagram. So, here are 10 items I’m currently excited about!

1. Beautycounter Resurfacing Peel // I have been using the resurfacing peel for a little over a month now and you guys, it’s like a magic eraser for your skin! Holy cow. I had a couple blemishes on my face from hormonal pimples in the same spot month after month and the resurfacing peel has lightened those so that I almost don’t see them anymore! I use the product 3-4 times per week, it’s super easy, and I do not consider it abrasive. Hoping with more continued  use that my scars will be gone forever! 

2. Eye Patches // I had the good fortune of getting to experience Glam Squad while at New York Fashion week last month and the kind woman who did my makeup used eye patches on me. This was my first experience with eye patches, but also not my last! I fell in love with how they felt and what they did for my under eye (reduce redness, puffiness, and dark circles), that I have been experimenting with different brands ever since. Some of my favorites are here and here and these are next on my list to try.

3. Teleties // Have y’all heard of these? As mentioned above, bloggers have the opportunity of trying out new products sometimes, so when Teleties asked if they could send me some of these hair ties it caught my attention immediately as I had heard they were better for your hair! I tend to get breakage around where my hair sits in a pony tail, so I’m all about finding a better option and so far, I think these really work! I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now, and I noticed they don’t pull or tug on my hair like a normal hair tie does, but they still hold my hair up even while working out! 

4. Nespresso // I’ve always loved Nespresso coffee but we recently bought a Nespresso machine for our home and it is hands down the best investment we’ve ever made. The coffee is incomparable to what I used to drink, and I spend less money on Starbucks because of it! Linking the machine we have here. If you are a coffee snob like me, add this to your Christmas wish list and you can thank me later!

5. Gucci Camera Bag // Alright, this is more of a splurge item, but if you have the means I highly recommend this bag. It’s the first Gucci bag I’ve ever owned, and I’ve actually never purchased myself a designer bag prior to this one. Shane bought both of my Louis as gifts, and I’ve always been more modest when it comes to spending on designer items. However, I had my eye on this bag for what felt like forever, knew it would be versatile in all seasons, and wanted to reward myself on a recent milestone I worked really hard for. So, bag purchased and I don’t regret it one bit! It’s been so handy, the size is perfect, and I still look at it googly eyed every day. 

6.  Knit Turtleneck Sweater // I posted this on Instagram recently! It’s a $19.99 turtleneck that feels like heaven! If I’m being honest, I was surprised by how great the quality is for the price point. I love that it’s longer, fits under jackets, and comes in three colors. 

7. Sakara Daily Probiotic Blend // This is a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes that promote healthy, balanced microbiome for overall wellness. I first heard about these when The Skinny Confidential interviewed the Sakara Life girls on her podcast and decided to give them a try! With all of the traveling I do, my body feels out of routine, and these have really helped regulate my gut health! You’re supposed to take one at night, and one in the morning on an empty stomach but I typically just take one in the morning and am really impressed with how well they work when taken regularly. 

8. Josie By Natorie PJ’s // I took these to New England with me and I’m fairly certain I’m never taking them off. They’re simple yet cute, soft, and comfy! I have the burgundy color but it also comes in grey/black. When your feet get cold, add these knee high socks for all the cozy vibes.

9. Ponchos // This is a more generalized item, but here’s why I like them for fall. One, they can be worn so many ways! Over leggings, over a dress, or with jeans, knee high boots and a simple tee underneath! Two, they keep you really warm! It’s like wearing a blanket around. I hate how restricting coats can be, and ponchos keep the warmth in but allow for more movement. Three, you can find some really cute affordable ones at all types retailers! Some of my favorites can be found here, here and here.

10. Organic Pure Care Inca Oil // My hair dresser recommended this and I’m so thankful because it has made a difference in my hair! This is made in Italy and assists in sealing split ends, regenerating the hair during blow drying, and helps dry, treated, and lifeless hair come back to life! I put a small size drop in damp hair about 3 times a week. 



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