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What To Pack For a Fall Weekend Trip to New York City

It’s no secret I just visited New York City for fashion week, but outside of the blog related travel to the city of dreams – it’s actually one of our favorite long weekend destinations. Whether you are visiting for a girls weekend, or exploring with your significant other, this city has lots to offer! So what do you pack for a long weekend in New York? Packing for a 2-3 day trip should be easy right? Well, easier said than done! Personally, New York can be intimidating. It’s the land of models and celebrities, and all the trendy vibes my sweet home town of Charlotte doesn’t really acknowledge, which left me wondering what the heck to pack! After several trips a year, I’ve finally figured out the secret sauce to seamlessly transitioning my outfits from day to night, and fitting in perfectly while utilizing items I already have in my closet. So let’s get packing!

1. Moto Jacket // I’ve had this jacket for years, and it never fails me. New York can be unpredictable weather wise, and this jacket provides the perfect layer for outdoor exploring around the city. It also pairs perfectly with your airport #ootd, so no need to pack it because you can throw it on over your outfit on the day of travel. 

2. Jeans // New York is edgy and trendy, so I’d recommend a “wear with anything” black jean as pictured above. However, if black isn’t your color, try a pair of distressed jeans like these. The city is big, and the key is being comfortable while still fashionable. 

3. Boots or Booties // My favorite time of year to visit the city is in the fall/winter. There’s just something magical about that place in the snow, but it also means your feet are going to be cold. So it’s essential to find a pair of boots or booties that fit the bill. These photos were taken just before fall, so suede booties like these are a fantastic option. They’re comfortable, easy to walk in, and chic. However, if you’re visiting during a more snow prone month, I’d opt for a leather version that’s more water resistant like these that I wore in NYC the weekend we got engaged!

4.  Lace Top // Lace tops and bodysuits are all the rage right now. New York is a little fancy at night, so you need something pretty and feminine like the pictured top for an evening out. 

5. Takara or Spanx Leggings // Easy to pack, don’t take up much space, and so versatile! If you don’t own either of these, consider investing in them even outside of a NYC trip. They will last you for years, and you’ll get more than your fair share of wear out of them. Street style is a real thing in the city, so I recommend pairing these with a fashionable sneaker, longer t-shirt top, and the moto jacket above or a cute bomber jacket and aviators. 

6. Adidas // Trust me when I say, your dogs will be barking by the end of your trip! NYC is massive, and it’s way quicker to walk everywhere than it is to wait on a cab. Hence, the Adidas. I opted for these as often as I could. They’re also lightweight, so they don’t take up much room in your suitcase, and again you can wear them with your airport #ootd to save space.

7. Graphic Tee // This layers perfectly under the moto jacket, with jeans, and the Takara leggings. Options are endless, plus your cool girl vibe just went up. Try this one. 

8. Sweater // It’s fall, so sweaters are always appropriate – especially in New York. Since you’re already packing a pair of jeans, and a pair of leggings, pick a sweater that goes with both like this one so you have two ways to wear it (although I’m loving the burnt orange in this one.) Sweaters are easy to wear during the day with jeans and booties, and perfect to dress up at night with leggings and OTK boots. 

9. Long Line Coat // A New York City staple. Perfect for dressing up in the evenings over your leggings and sweater, and if you’re really trying to fit in with the trend – plaid is the way to go this year. I have this one in my cart!

Alright babes, you’re all set for the perfect long weekend in the big apple! Shane and I are looking at making another trip up there this December, so I’ll be packing all of the above myself. Have a great weekend!


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