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Versatile Joggers for Summer, Fall & The Workplace

Why are work clothes so uncomfortable and expensive? When I started my career in corporate America, I remember walking into Banana Republic unexcited and in a complete daze. I had just graduated college from Clemson University, capital of leggings and sorority tee’s day in and day out. And if it wasn’t leggings, it was “running” shorts, even though no one was running in them. Their sole purpose was comfort. So here I am, staring down the walls of pencil skirts, blazers, and tweed trousers with zero stretch. Awesome.
Well today my friends, I’m here to tell you that work clothes don’t have to be uncomfortable and expensive anymore. I became the queen of finding ways to feel comfortable and look professional on a budget. Insert these joggers pants. I’ve worn these to dinner with my husband, drinks with my girlfriends, and if I was still working in corporate – I’d be wearing them there too. That’s what I love about them. Versatility! Pictured above with the cardi is how I’d rock this to brunch, lunch or errands. Take the cardi off, and now you’re ready for dinner and happy hour. Now, add a blazer over the cami, a more professional heel, and a business appropriate bag and you’re ready for work! I always enjoyed seeing my fellow co-workers walking around in outfits I styled on the gram, and advice for business related attire has been a request for some time from you all – so I’m hoping to find ways to throw affordable ideas into your inbox here and there as I go.  If you’re looking for additional business worthy pants to work into your wardrobe give these and these a try – I had them both, and they were some of my most loved pairs.
I hope you all had a great weekend! Shane was at a bachelor party in Toronto so I had a pretty low key weekend. I celebrated hitting 100K with Bailey on Friday at one of my favorite rooftop bars in Charlotte, which was quite the scene seeing as she brought giant 100K balloons with her! Everyone kept asking her if it was her birthday?! Yep, she’s 100. People these days..


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