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The Five Hottest Trends for Fall From NYFW 2018

 New York Fashion Week is the perfect time to be bold, step out of your comfort zone, and truly express your style and sense of fashion in a completely different light. It’s the whose who of the fashion world, and all eyes are on your outfit (no pressure, haha). Typically the trends showcased in the designer shows are for the following season, so September 2018 was showcasing trends coming up for Spring 2019. However, today I want to talk about the common trends I saw for the current season! These are patterns, textures, and colors I saw over and over again in other bloggers or fashion icons outfits, that are sure to be a common denominator this fall. After all, this blogs purpose is to serve you by providing useful information to help you look and feel your best every day. So let’s get started!
1. Sequins // I saw sequins everywhere! I paired my sequins with a pretty velvet duster, and the two textures together were a huge hit. Other common ways of pairing sequins were in skirts paired with patterned tops. sequins and silk, and sequin dresses.
Sequins I’m loving:
2. Leopard // Leopard is the new black, ya’ll! If i’m being completely honest, I used to not be a big fan – but it’s evolved so much over time, and comes back year after year. Consider it a staple in your closet this fall because it’s trending in booties, cami’s, and even dresses!
Leopard I’m loving:
3. Wide Leg Pants // A long time love of mine, and they were all over the place in all colors! The pair I have on above are super stretchy, and insanely comfortable! I love that you can dress them up, or throw on a oversized sweater and dress them down. Popular colors were black, blush, white, rust, and hot pink.
Wide leg pants I’m loving:
4. Sock Booties // TRENDING. Get yourself a pair! They pair easily with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, and under boyfriend jeans and you’ll look like a pro.
Sock booties I’m loving:
5. Faux Leather // This is another one that repeats itself year after year and I don’t hate it. I mostly saw it in skirts and shorts, but as the weather cools off expect to see this in leggings and pants as well.
Faux leather I’m loving:
In terms of the outfit pictured above, all items fit true to size! The pants are insanely comfortable while still looking stylish and chic, and the mixture of sequins and velvet were perfect. This was by far my favorite outfit of the trip and would be perfect for dinner out on the town, an event, a trip to Vegas etc.
Side note, we are currently prepping for hurricane Florence! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not nearly as bad as they are predicting it to be, but please keep the Carolina’s in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days!


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