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The Best Gifts for Men

 In a recent poll on Instagram Stories, I asked you all what gift guides you would be most interested in seeing this year, and the answer was almost unanimously the same across the board: gifts for men. Requests ranged from gift guides for the husband, to gift guides for dad, to guides for the man who has everything. So, I went to work and did a little digging with the men in my life to figure out what they valued most. The answer from most of them was fairly similar no matter what category they fell in (dad, husband, boyfriend, friend) – men want items that are useful in their day to day life, and items they may not necessarily buy for themselves. 

What is the best gift for a man?

Look for items that are thoughtful and useful. Something he may not buy for himself, but that are both practical and useful in every day life. A perfect of example of this is the Swanky Badger personalized wallet. I’ve gifted this to both my dad, and my husband, and both of them listed this as a gift they valued most when I asked. Not only do they both use the wallet daily, it symbolizes my relationship with them via the personalized message on the inside which makes it a unique option.

What is the best gift for the guy who has everything?

Experiences. Answers ranged from ski trips, to trips to Hawaii, to season tickets to their favorite sports teams. These are also things a man is less likely to spend money on himself. I’ve done this as an anniversary gift for Shane in the past, and the memories are the gift that keeps on giving.

What are good budget friendly gifts for a man?

The best smaller gifts for a man again, are items they use daily but may not buy themselves regularly. Think cologne, work socks, a nice tie for work, nicer boxers or briefs, or even a good chess board like this best selling one on Amazon. Believe it or not, both Shane and his best friend love to play Chess at the airbnb’s we’ve rented in the past over a glass of whiskey after dinner. 

In need of something in a hurry? Check out my Amazon finds here.

Top 5 Gifts For Dad

Swanky Badger Wallet

This customizable wallet is sure to make him proud. Wether he is one to brag or not, the personalized message inside is an unexpected but welcomed surprise that makes this a memorable and useful win.

Swanky Badger Phone Case

This personalized vegan leather phone wallet is the perfect choice! Add the initials of your choice, and a message on the inside and make it a memorable gift for the minimalist who doesn’t like to carry a phone and wallet in their pocket. 

Lululemon Joggers

Us ladies love our Lululemon, but the men do too! My dad’s favorite “weekend” pants are the Lululemon joggers, and with most of us working from home they’re getting great use. Lululemons ABC joggers are in their men’s best selling category, making it a great option for men of all ages. Who doesn’t love a good pair of sweats?! Bonus points for style.

Amazon Echo Show

Give dad a better way to stay connected! Let him connect with video calling and messaging, read step by step recipes from a smart display screen in the kitchen, control smart home devices like the lights and security system, temperature etc. This is a great option for the “techy,” the dad with grandbabies, or those who love to read the headlines during breakfast or dinner. 

Amazon 1-year Prime Membership

I’ve never met a dad who doesn’t love Amazon, have you? Everyone loves Prime and the perks that come along with it, so there’s no better gift than a 1 year subscription ($119). It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Top 5 Gifts for the Husband

Wireless headphones

When I asked Shane what his favorite gifts ever have been, these were in his top 3. We both have a pair, and in my opinion they’re much more practical and comfortable than earbuds. These make a great gift for the traveler, the gym fanatic, or the work from home zoom call husband and they’re still ranked amongst men as one of the most wanted gifts to unwrap under the tree.

Swanky Badger Wallet

I know I mentioned this above for dad’s, but it also doubles as a top pick for husbands. This customizable wallet is sure to make him proud. Wether he is one to brag or not, the personalized message inside is an unexpected but welcomed surprise that makes this a memorable and useful win. I would recommend keeping the sentiment short and sweet on the inside as men don’t typically gravitate towards overly sentimental gifts. I wrote “Go Panthers – love wifey” on the inside of Shanes. He’s a big Panthers fan, so anything Panthers related is a shoe in with him!


A watch is always sure to please. Wether it’s the new Apple Watch Series 6 for the “tech” or fitness enthused hubby, or a higher end Movado watch for the luxe lover – all of the men in my life enjoy and wear a watch daily. This was in Shane’s top 3 gifts, and he does wear it daily. And while you’re probably thinking smart watches have been around for a while, it still comes up as one of the most sought after gifts for men. 

Craft Beer Subscription

Experiences, subscriptions, and memberships were hot answers amongst the men I asked! Furthermore, subscriptions like these seem more relevant than ever with limited travel and more people at home to enjoy life’s finest crafts. If your man isn’t a drinker, try a clothing subscription service like Stitch Fix. I know it sounds out of the ordinary, but surprisingly – men want these. 

Sonos Smart Speaker

A great option for a wide variety of men. Wether they’re a sports junky, love to listen to and play music, the tech guru, or a movie buff – most men appreciate a good sound system. This is the latest generation of the best selling Sonos One smart speaker. Built in voice control and a handsome/sleek design make this a good splurge!

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