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TCB’s 2018 Fall Bucket List

With autumn less than a month away (and the first day of September tomorrow, whatttt?!), I can’t help but crave all the fall things right now! You know, tailgating, pumpkins, PSL’s, and all the cozy leggings and sweaters. There is something about fall that just gives you all the feels, which is what makes it one of my favorite seasons! To capitalize on my fall cravings, I thought what better time than to put my 2018 fall bucket list out there to help you get into the spirit too! This is a list of my favorite activities that will help you make the most of all this season has to offer.

1.  Visit a Ciderie

If you’re looking for all the fall feels, look no further. I visited my first Ciderie last fall and vowed to never not make it a fall tradition again. Hard Cider is one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverages in the country! Combined with offering Apple Cider donuts, tastings, and live music – this makes for the perfect fall activity for all ages. If you’re in the New England area, check out Flaghill, Whetstone, or Cold Hollow Cider Mills!

2. Attend a college or NFL football game

Does anything scream fall like tailgating and football? I think not. We attend at least two Clemson football games a season (so fun), and being that my husband is an avid Panthers fan – we are regulars at Bank of America Stadium as well. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather the crew together for a social event, pull out your favorite chili recipe, and celebrate the return of fall at a classic event.

3. Take a fall foliage road trip

Hands down one of my most recommended activities on this list. Last year was my first time traveling through New England during fall, and it was stunning. It’s so special to see the different bursts of color against the cool fall air. If you’re located in Charlotte you can find round trip flights to Boston in the low $200’s. From there, rent a car, grab a PSL and a cider donut and visit Vermont and New Hampshire for a full foliage road trip. For more information on where we stayed during our foliage trip last year, see this blog post.

4. Go apple picking

Apple picking is something I’m really looking forward too! It’s great half day activity for friends and family alike – and the apples are half the price of the grocery store. Not to mention, since you’re picking them straight off the tree, they are also much fresher. Fill up a 15 lb bag of Honeycrisps for $20 and bake the perfect apple crisp to share with your neighbors or at your next Friendsgiving! If you’re local to Charlotte, SkyTop Orchards has great feedback!

5. Go to a pumpkin patch

While this seems like stating the obvious, nothing makes October feel like October like a trip to the pumpkin patch. Shane and I make this a tradition every year, and of course we never leave without the obligatory pumpkin patch photo for the mantel. We even like toting the pup along for a few candids! Whether you’re interested in using them to carve, or for filling up your front porch with all the harvest vibes, this activity never seems to disappoint.

6. Take a weekend getaway to the Ritz Carlton Reynolds with your significant other

This has been on my bucket list in general for quite some time now, but doing it during fall seems most appropriate. Waking up lake side, roasting marshmallows by the fire before bed, and walking or biking through the trails sound like the perfect weekend get away spot to me!

7. Rent a cabin and have a “Mountain Weekend” with best friends

Our group of friends tries to get together every year for a group trip! Last year our trips were bachelorette based since a large majority of us were getting married, but this year I’m looking forward to throwing things back to old times and gathering the group for a cozy weekend in the mountains! There is nothing more fun than waking up with your best friends, grabbing a cup of joe in your leggings and flannel, and watching the Blue Ridge yawn its greatness.

8. Cozy up our surroundings

Does anyone else enjoy roaming the aisles of Home Goods for the perfect fall decorations as much as I do? I get the urge to do this right around September every year. I feel like it’s kind of therapeutic. There’s nothing cozier than submerging yourself in an environment that feels very fall like. This year, I want to totally transform my living room and porch into all the cozy feels! Giant mums, pumpkins, burnt orange and plum tones, and fall foliage center pieces.

9. Find a way to give back

This has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been brainstorming creative ways to give back to our community and those in need, and what better time to start than during fall! It could be as simple as paying for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop, dropping off a bouquet of flowers at the hospital for the nurses, or helping the homeless. Find a way to positively impact someones day!

10. Perfect the art of baking Harvest Bread

Growing up, my mom always made a loaf of Harvest Bread during fall. The house would fill up with all the yummy fall scents, and it’s relatively healthy! Now if I can just master the art of actually replicating hers, my fall season would be complete! For healthy pumpkin related recipes, see this blog post.

11. Take a hike or walk through a state park with the pup at peak foliage

There’s something so beautiful about the rainbow of colors nature creates. I love grabbing our Husky and a PSL on a Saturday morning and heading over to Freedom Park or Grandfather Mountain for a brisk early morning hike/walk through natures beauty. Plus, can you ever really have too much leaf peeping? I think not.
What’s on your fall bucket list?! Leave me a comment and let me know, I’m always looking to add new activities to my list!


Photography by Rachel Red Photography


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