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Ruffle Sleeve Romper in Asheville, NC

With the start of football season on the horizon, I knew it was time to keep my eyes peeled for some good Clemson colored outfits. If you’ve ever been to a game there, you know a jersey is not acceptable. So this is where I set out to wear this outfit too, until we planned a last minute Asheville trip and I needed something to wear, oops. 
How dreamy is the color of this romper though? It screams fall to me! If plum just isn’t your jam, it also comes in black here. I traditionally gravitate towards wrap dresses, but this is my first wrap romper and I’m a fan! It fits true to size, I ordered up a size to a Medium for added length – but it actually ended up being a little big so I would’ve been fine with a small. I also really like the ruffle sleeves and scalloped shorts, it just adds a little touch of femininity. Not to mention, you can’t beat the quality for under $50! My clutch is a knockoff of a designer version, but it replicates it almost identically and is only $36! I highly reccommend this as a staple item for fall!
I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend! We just got back from Charleston where we rented a house on the beach with a few other couples. We finally got to bring Titan on vacation with us which was fun! It was his first time ever on a beach, too! Things just keep getting busier for us from here. We have lots of exciting celebrations coming up, and while I’m looking forward to all the festivities, I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed with life! 


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