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Pink Ruffle Dress

I’ve never met a shade of pink I didn’t love! Funny story, I love all things bright and colorful. If you’ve been following me for awhile now, that probably comes as no surprise. But my mom on the other hand, loves all things black and white! I’m not kidding when I say her entire closet is black and white. Interesting how that works out, huh? Anyway, I wore this dress to a rehearsal dinner for a girlfriend of mine in Charleston recently! If I had not have been in the wedding, I would have opted to wear it as a “guest of the wedding” dress because it’s perfect for that! I love it’s simplicity, classiness, and the subtle ruffle detailing that makes it feminine yet flirty. Plus, this neckline is always flattering no matter who you are! I’ve never seen it look bad on anyone.
Phew, I just got back home from Palm Beach and this girl is exhausted, ya’ll! We’ve been on the road traveling pretty much nonstop since our honeymoon in January and while I absolutely love exploring new places, (and am beyond grateful for the countless opportunities this job has given me in terms of travel this year) I’m ready to be home for a little while! That said, I’m only home for 15 days before the next trip, haha! The hubs is joining me on this next one, which makes it extra special extra sweet, because he’s my favorite human to travel with. There’s just something about making those new memories with him that will never dim my fire!


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