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Packing Tips With PurseN

Tiffany Travel Case
Tiara Vacationer 
Happy Monday! We are back from Charleston and I’m already wishing we had never left. 
I’m really excited about todays blogpost! I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not the most organized person in the world. I promise, I try – but somehow things always end up jumbled. We travel all the time, and all too often I stick all of my jewelry in a little bag and by the time we arrive somewhere it’s mangled, tangled, and a hot mess. This is predominantly due to the fact that I never had anything to keep my jewels organized. So, when I heard about PurseN I couldn’t have been more excited! Not only are their products pretty to look at, they are really functional and super easy to use! 
My three go to jewelry cases are the Bangle Bar, Tiffany Travel Case and Tiara Vacationer. 
Bangle Bar // My arm stack always consists of a watch, a bracelet, and a bangle or cuff of some sort. These are the three items I wear on my wrist every day. So, I knew this piece would come into great use. It has a removeable padded bar with a strap over top of it to keep all your accesories in place while traveling. I also like that the top of it is translucent, this allows me to see which items I packed, and hopefully jolt my memory if I forgot an important piece. Not to mention, it’s only $28 – so it’s reasonably priced. 
Tiffany Travel Case // This piece is a little pricier, but if you’re looking for something to carry all your toiletry items in, it’s worth it. It comes with three removable cases, pictured above, that are the perfect size for your toothbrush, toothpaste, and any travel sized items like shampoo and conditioner (or in my case dry shampoo). I also found it really handy for storing all my lip liners, lipsticks, glosses, mascaras etc. It also features a large compartment with an elastic band that was great for holding my perfumes. 
Tiara Vacationer // This one might be my favorite! If you’re anything like me, you have a 100 different pairs of earrings, and you want to bring them all on vacation – am I right? This jewelry case is a life saver, if so! It has 10 built in pockets and 6 removable pouches that have both small and large zipper compartments in them for different sized jewels. This was so handy for not only earrings, but I put my rings and delicate necklaces in it too. Everything was in emaculate shape by the time we got to Charleston! This piece would also be great for “at home” use if you don’t have storage for your earrings. 
When I posted these on Instagram last week, a few people asked questions about the material the cases were made out of. The outside of these are a faux leather material, and the inside is Nylon and wipeable (super practicle). They also have handbag organizers, pill cases, laundry bags, makeup cases etc. I will definitely be expanding my collection! I chose the White Dunes collection to match my luggage, however they have a plethora of color options outside of this one!
Long story short, these are by far my favorite travel accesories to date! I can’t rave about them enough! Therefore, I’ve paired up with PurseN to offer my readers 25% off the entire site (you can find it here), including the brand new collections! All you have to do is enter code “CHEEKY” at checkout.
Leave me a comment with your feedback on them, I’d love to know what you think!

Thank you to PurseN for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.


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