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My Sunday Best

Align Pant // Crop Top // Nike Running Shoes // Louis Vuitton Handbag (similar here) // Link Bracelet // Watch // Cocktail Ring
My mom always told me growing up, that Sundays are the day of rest. Therfore, if you happen to catch me on a Sunday, 9 times out of 10 I look like this. Except I usually don’t have makeup on, and my hair is dirty and in a bun. I love love love this entire look! My crop tee was just released in a new color, and I’ve already added it to my cart. These tee’s do not stay in stock (try saying that fast 3 times out loud)! I was holding off on writing this blog post because the top wasn’t fully stocked in any of the 5 color options, until today! The cropped length of this shirt pairs perfectly with high rise bottoms and is great for easy layering.  I also really like that the fabric is made of Lycra! This helps the top from losing it’s shape, and makes it nice and stretchy as well! I also cannot rave about these Align pants enough! They are engineered to feel like a second layer of skin, so much so that I literally forget I even have them on sometimes. Not kidding! The waistband is also super soft, and lies flat against your waist nicely. These come in 7 color options, and I own pretty much all of them!
See this blogpost, and this post for some of the other colors I have! I also just scooped up these olive ones, xoxo. 


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