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Little Blue Dress From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Good Morning, and Happy Monday! Today I want to chat about this little blue dress from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. First of all, how good is that sale?! Ugh, I dieeee. Summer is my favorite season, but all these fall pieces have me so excited for cooler temperatures and fall foliage! Hello, beautiful pictures. Anyway, I picked up this dress at the sale and it’s safe to say it is 100% a winner. You guys have requested more work wear from me recently, so I thought it would be fun to show you how you can wear this piece to work, as well as to date night, a wedding, etc. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re always in a massive hurry before work in the mornings. I’m not a morning person, and I workout before work. So, I’m always rushing around my house to get ready and leave in time to make it to my corporate job! With that being said, I look for pieces that are easy to throw on and go, and dresses are just that. It’s one piece that makes a whole outfit, add shoes and you’re out the door! The only thing better than that, is the price tag of this dress right now. It’s currently marked down under $100 (originally $150). Chelsea28 is one of my favorite brands at Nordstrom, they’re pieces are high quality and last forever. I’m always willing to pay a little more for something that lasts a little longer. I love the on-trend ruffles around the shoulders of this one, and it has a little bit of stretch in it for comfort. If fits TTS, and I’m wearing a size 4. This outfit wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my Tito Sandals, though! I also scooped these up at the Nordstrom Sale for $73, and they come in 3 colors. Suprisingly, they’re super comfortable to walk in!

If you’re not looking for work wear, this is also the perfect dress for a wedding or date night! Instead of a work bag, add a clutch and a pair of statement earrings and voilà, you’re ready for the evening! 

I had a busy weekend this weekend working on the blog, and styling all the pieces from the sale for you! Stay tuned for more blogposts/Instagrams throughout the week. Lots of great pieces! Shane was out of town at a wedding, and I’m happy he’s finally back home again, it’s so quiet when he’s gone! 


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