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Liam is Two Wild: Toddler 2nd birthday theme

Arguably one of my favorite days of the year… It’s hard to believe this party was already close to 2 months ago! We celebrated Liam’s 2nd birthday in January, and while his 1st birthday felt hard to top – I think we somehow made this party even more epic than last years. You guys know my love for Alexa from The Olive Branch runs deep, she helped me with Liam’s 1st birthday, and pulled out all the stops this go around for his 2nd. If you’re looking for help with planning a party, baby shower, gender reveal, corporate event etc. she’s your girl (and she travels). 

Somewhere along the line, I had seen the “Two Wild” theme on Pinterest and thought it was so cute. I don’t even think I had kids at the time, but the theme stuck with me. Liams nursery is Navy blue with animal prints above the crib, so we used that color palette and inspiration as a way to make a more common theme stand out. We also pulled inspiration from Liam’s random love of busses to incorporate a party bus vibe into the two wild theme, hence the bus backdrop. Transforming our backyard into a toddlers playground was honestly too much fun, I’m still trying to figure out how we can have all of these things permanently. It essentially served as the perfect babysitter, ha! Everything is fenced in, so the parents could let their kiddos run free and enjoy themselves, while the kids were having the time of their lives with the plethora of activities. I’ve honestly never seen Liam smile as much as he did that day – it made my heart so happy. 

I’m listing out all of the vendors and their websites in case you need recommendations. These people are all an absolute dream to work with. They all have The Cheeky Been stamp of approval – 10/10 recommend! Most of the small decor was from Amazon which I will link at the bottom of this post in case you’d like to recreate this theme.

Planning + Design
@olivebranch.ht by @honeythymeevents



Coffee Cart

Camper Bar



Kids Table, Candy Machine, Animal Props

Soft Play

Bounce House Franchise

Backdrop + Signage

Sensory Play

Custom Table Runner



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