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Levi’s 501 Shorts

Ya’ll, I love love love these shorts from Shopbop! I gravitate towards the staple items that can be re-styled all season long, and these $60 Levi’s fall into that category. They come in a few different color options, like these white ones that I styled in Charleston a few weeks ago. I paired them with this striped open back bodysuit for this look, but they look great with a simple knotted teeshirt, or even a flirty blouse too. It ended up cooling off a lot the night we took these photos, so I actually switched the shorts out for a pair of jeans and the bodysuit still looked great. I love the back of it! 
Did everyone have a good weekend? We went to a friends for a BBQ on Saturday, and then watched basketball all evening. The weather has been so nice lately, it feels like a sin to be inside! We are off on another adventure this weekend, can anyone guess where we are going?


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