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Kroma Wellness Rest: My Honest Review

If you’re finding yourself indulging one too many times in the finer things in life, this blog post is for you. Most of you know by now that health and wellness are foundational pillars in my life. However, I somehow landed myself in a sugar craving routine with little motivation to go to the gym as of late. I knew I needed to snap out of it, but I also wasn’t finding the will power to just make the changes on my own. 

Enter Kroma. I had listened to a podcast with the founder of Kroma Wellness, Lisa Odenweller, months back, and I loved her approach to wellness. Their 5-day reset is an opportunity to get back on track to nourishing your body without deprevation of food. The founder also noted cookie butter was part of the reset in the podcast episode, so I immediately was intrigued. I somehow convinced Meryl (my best friend) to take the reset plunge with me – there’s strength in numbers right? And after a long holiday weekend full of eating out and drinks, we decided to dive into this thing together. 

The protocol Kroma recommended for me was the “lean” protocol, which doesn’t include any of the recommended add-ins. I agreed with this based off my goals and dove head first into day one. The reset comes with 45 meals in the form of powder packets that you mix with water or any dairy free milks. I actually genuinely liked all the meals – except the greens – and struggled to get through all 9 packets a day.

Day 1 – by lunch I had a massive head ache from no caffeine, the brain fog was real, I was feeling tired, and I was really craving something crunchy – although I didn’t feel hungry overall so that was a plus. The day came to an end and while I couldn’t wait to fall asleep, I slept horrible. That pesky headache only got worse throughout the night and I felt it all night long. 

On day 2 I woke up super thirsty which was really interesting because the reset contains far more liquids than I’d typically drink in a day. I woke up with the same pesky headache from day one, but after the morning Matcha I actually started to feel pretty good. My energy was fantastic the rest of the day, the headache went away, and I was feeling satisfied in terms of hunger levels. As we entered the evening, I was still wired from the day and couldn’t fall asleep till close to midnight which is super late for me. I’m typically asleep between 10-10:30 PM. 

Day 3 rolled around and after another broken night of sleep, I couldn’t wait to get the Matcha in me. I stepped on the scale and had lost 2 lbs, yay! I will say, by the end of day three I was feeling pretty hungry and pretty over it – but I’m not a quitter, so on we go! 

Day 4 – your girl is hangry. Energy is back to being tired likely due to the hunger and I had a little bloating for the first time all week which was odd. I opted to go ahead and use the add-ins and added chicken to both lunch and dinner because I was truly fading fast. I slept way better on night 4 finally. I’m not sure if that’s because I had a little more of a satiating day of eating, or if my body was finally catching on to this reset. 

Day 5 – by the end of it, everything felt pretty routine and I was actually sad I was out of some of the packets so I immediately got on Kroma’s website and ordered the items I really liked! 


Overall, I think it’s worth the money. In just 5 days time I completely got rid of my sugar and caffeine cravings! I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d get off the coffee train, but we are almost a month down the road from completing the reset and I’m still drinking the matcha! My cravings over the last month have not come back either which is truly mind blowing! I do think 3 days would’ve been enough for me personally, however, I may try the “active” protocol if I ever find myself in those bad habit patterns again in the future. I absolutely loved the cookie butter and ordered that, in addition to the porridge and Matcha to keep in my routine. My energy levels since completing the reset feel much more sustained, and I actually continued to lose a little weight. I also noticed I experience 0 anxiety during the reset which was a lovely bonus. I also thought it was worth noting that if you work in an office, the packets are so so easy to take with you to work, or if you’d like to stay on track while traveling – they’re very travel friendly as well – and if you’re not ready to commit 100% but want to try out some of my favorite items, they’re on Amazon here.

With the holidays on the horizon, I feel like this would be a great post holiday reset for a lot of people. I also love that Kroma sells their products independently from the reset. 

If you’re interested in giving it a go, this link will give you $25 off your first purchase over $100! Keep me posted on what you guys think.

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