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Introducing: The Bad Bitch Club Socks

‘Tis the season at The Cheeky Been!

The Bad Bitch Club socks are officially here! In short, the socks are a resemblance of the community we’ve built over the years. I started this blog with a mission to empower women to look and feel their best and had zero intention of ever making money from it, I just wanted to build a space on the internet for women to come too as a source of inspiration. I worked on it 7 days a week, morning and night, outside of my corporate job. During this time, I slowly started to build this community of women. And as I was building this thing, people would constantly ask me – what’s next? And at first I thought, maybe I want to own my own clothing boutique one day… I always knew I wanted to have something of my own, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I thought maybe swimwear, or athletic wear etc. but I didn’t just want to slap my name on something that wasn’t really true to my brand. I wanted to make sure it was something you guys wanted, something different, but also something to honor the community of women we have at The Cheeky Been. 

The Process

It’s no secret I love a good crew sock. It just elevates an outfit in the simplest way. BUT, the crew socks I owned were either boring, not the right color palette, over-priced for the quality, or an awkward length. I had ONE pair I liked a lot more than my others, but I hated the colors. I couldn’t seem to source or locate anything similar in more neutral tones – andddd, that’s how these socks were born.

Now one thing about me is, if there isn’t a way to do something, I will find a way. So the first thing I do is start designing what they’d ideally look like if I were to build them myself. So I worked with a designer to pick out colors, fonts, sock length, sock colors, the full gammet. Through the design process, I met someone who did manufacturing, and then from there I found someone to re-design my website so we could integrate these into thecheekybeen.com. We focused on making the checkout process very simple – we wanted to make sure the consumer didn’t feel overwhelmed. So this whole thing has truly been a very end to end project. I can’t tell you how many times I went back and forth on the prototype of this sock, it had to be the right length for everyone, it needed to be a good quality cushiony sock, it needed to hold up over use and in the wash – so on and so forth. I really wanted to create a sock that I was proud of, and one that I knew you guys would love. THE ultimate crew sock.

Fast forward to today, and we have worked tirelessly to bring this thing to life. It’s still surreal to me to get to wear something daily that I CREATED. Truly a pinch me moment. They’re fun, they’re “cheeky” – no pun intended, they add flare to any outfit, everyone will ask you where they are from, they embody what this community of women is all about, they go with everything, you will feel empowered wearing them, they last for forever, they’re comfy and best of all – they’re made in the USA. So everything about these socks was done with you – the audience – in mind. 

Anyway, with the holidays coming up think Stocking Stuffers, White Elephant, Secret Santa, or if you’re headed on a bachelorette or girls trip, think matching Bad Bitch Club socks for the whole crew, or level up your personal style with the perfect accessory.

What’s Next?

Hopefully a lot! We are already working on new color ways that will drop seasonally. The socks are our first product and the goal is to have them available right here on thecheekybeen.com year round! We are currently exclusively selling them here, but I will keep you guys posted when they become available elsewhere. I already have plans to create additional products with the “Bad Bitch Club” slogan in the coming months/years (did anyone say hats?), and can’t wait to share more about that when the time is right.

I also want to take a couple quick minutes to just say thank you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this beautiful community of people who support me! I’m so grateful, and I hope to keep bringing you new products that add flare to your lives. I hope you all enjoy the socks just as much as I do, and I cannot wait to hear your feedback!


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