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How To Make Life Easier While Traveling With an Infant

With several road trips and one flight under our belt with baby Liam, I feel pretty well acquainted with what it takes to travel with an infant successfully. To be honest, traveling with him has been surprisingly easy as long as we are well prepared. I think the hardest part is the amount of preparation that goes into making it a smooth trip. It’s shocking knowing how much one tiny human needs to live! 

My biggest and best piece of advice is to travel as lightly as possible (especially if you’re traveling by air) – insert Walmart+. I’ve talked about my Walmart+ membership several times over the last year, but it comes in especially handy with a baby and travel! We are currently preparing for an 8 day trip to Rosemary Beach and will be flying, so I am planning to place a quick free delivery order from the local Walmart store with the above items (35$ minimum, restrictions apply). Walmart offers Walmart+ free shipping, (excludes freight items). Trust me when I say you will thank me later for this tip! It only costs $98 a year, or $12.95 per month and includes a 15 day free trial period so you can see if you like it! To sign up for the free trial, click here

Bottles // 3-4 bottles on each trip have been fine! Dr. Browns are our favorite.

Diapers // We travel with around 8 diapers in the diaper bag, and will order a pack at our destination.

Wipes // We travel with 1 pack, and then have another pack delivered when we arrive.

Baby Shampoo // We love the Johnsons Tearless Gentle Baby Wash shampoo.

Formula // Make however many bottles you need to travel with, and have a canister delivered for the rest of the trip! Saves so much space and weight.

Bottle Brush // bottles are tricky to clean while traveling if you don’t have one of these on hand.

Pacifiers // Believe me when I say you will lose or misplace a few of these en route, have a couple delivered to your destination – you always need more of these than you think.

Pacifier wipes // Since you have a limited number of paci’s while traveling, and may not always be at home to wash them, wipes come in handy. They also double as bottle wipes.

Gripe Water // Typically over 3 oz so you have to pack it in a checked bag, and if it busts its super sticky. I opt to just have one delivered for a longer trip.

Aquaphor // Everybody is a little out of routine on vacation so you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a diaper rash unprepared. 

Honorable mentions would be sunscreen if you’re destination is beach based, and ziplock bags if you’re staying at your destination for a little while. They’re so helpful for soiled clothing when you aren’t near home but a whole box full isn’t ideal to travel with. 

*Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring todays post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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