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Garnet Loose Knit Sweater

Being that I am a Clemson fan, I hate to admit this, but I love garnet. It’s such a beautiful color, and looks great on anyone! The second I saw this sweater I was drawn to it. The material almost feels like velvet on your skin, and I can’t even begin to describe how warm it is! Definitely perfect for fall temperatures if you don’t want to layer & it’s currently on saleThese jeans are also a favorite of mine, I had a little sticker shock with the price, but they’re also the softest jeans I own and unique in color. If you’re not looking to spend that much on jeans, try these or these as a dupe. 
Did anyone catch the Clemson game last night?! I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat the entire game! We are off to watch the Panthers play today, hope everyone has a great Sunday funday! xxx.


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