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Floral Bodysuit

Ya’ll Monday is over! Can we get a hallelujahhh!? I woke up this morning with a sore throat and body aches – praying I am not getting sick again! Between my corporate job, renovations around the house, traveling, and keeping up with social media I feel like my blog has taken a little bit of a hit in terms of consistency. I am hoping to getting back to my normal three posts a week within the coming months, though – so please bare with me!
Now let’s talk about this little floral number! Anything bright and fun stands out to me in a store so I was immediately drawn to the print. So much so, that I also bought it in the kimono version and wore it over my swimsuit in the Dominican Republic. I’ve worn this outfit a few times now, and it’s perfect for going out to dinner in! It’s also really comfortable. The bodysuit is made up of stretchy material so it has a ton of give and breathes nicely because let’s be honest, once the drinks start flowing my body temperature tends to rise too, lol! The only thing better than the print, is the price – you really can’t beat a good top you can wear repeatedly for $60.
That’s all for today friends. I hope everybody is off to a great start to the week, and has their fingers crossed for some warmer spring-like weather!


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