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Cropped Jumpsuit

Talk about the most comfortable piece of clothing in my closet! I love this jumper, and how easy is it to only have to worry about one piece of clothing? That’s honestly my favorite part about wearing what Shane likes to call a “onesie”. I’ve worn this on a few occasions throughout the summer, one being to an engagement party (pictured here), and the other in Charleston for a girls weekend with my mom and sister! It’s made out of a jersey knit fabric, so it’s super soft and stretchy and easy to dress up or down. Comfort level is definitely on 100 in this bad boy! If you haven’t checked out any of Clayton’s products, I highly recommend them. They’re normally super stylish, yet very comfortable and most of the items are at affordable price points. I’ve got my eye on this and this for Fall! I also featured some of their items in this blog post earlier this year, in case you missed it. My shoes are unfortunately discontinued, they were a dupe for a pair of Valentino’s from Target! You may be able to check your local store for them, however they just removed them off the website (insert sad face emoji). 
I’m so happy it’s Friday! I’ve struggled waking up all week, so I’m really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I’m hoping Shane and I can catch a good date night together somewhere! I’m also thinking about doing a closet sale on Instagram, would you guys be interested in that?!


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