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Crochet Peplum Top

Selwyn and Myers Park are some of the prettiest neighborhoods in Charlotte! Shane and I always enjoy driving around Queens Road and looking at the giant homes. We can dream, right?! Anyway, that’s where these pictures were taken! A few of you were asking on Instagram, so I figured I’d include it in todays post. 
I’m a sucker for neutrals because they’re easy and timeless. So when I came across this top online at Nordstrom, I knew it would pair perfectly with white jeans or shorts. Although it’s only April, it’s pretty hot in North Carolina, so light and airy clothing are a necessity. This top is just that, and I love that it still adds texture with the crochetwork and ruffled hem! It fits TTS (I’m wearing a small) and is only $70! My shorts are only $60 and come in a few colors! I like these because they’re slighlty high-waisted, and the frayed spots lend the perfect worn look.
I unexpectedly had to start looking for a new car this week. At first I felt overwhelmed by the thought of that, but I forgot how fun car buying can actually be when you find something you really like! 


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