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Burgundy Tank Dress

Ya’ll, it’s already Tuesday! I love a short work week, but then again who doesn’t right!? This dress had me at Merlot! Every fall, this color always turns out to be one of my color crushes, and this year is no exception. It just reminds me of all the colors you see in the changing leaves around the mountains, and how cute is it paired with grey!? 
What did you guys do for LDW? I spent the weekend in Seattle visiting my parents, and I was completely spoiled! The weather was fantastic, and there’s just something about being “home” that doesn’t compare to anything else. I must say, my Keurig this morning was no comparison to Mama’s French Press coffee! 
PS: Did any of you watch the Clemson game!? I’m SO excited for this season, but they sure did almost give me a heart attack Saturday night! 


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