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“Be Nice” Tee & Jeans

Another weekend down in the books, and it’s almost August! Can ya’ll believe that? I feel like this year is flying by, but then again – I also feel like I say that every year. I saw this top recently and was drawn towards it for a number of reasons. One, because who doesn’t love a good tee and jeans on the weekends? And two, because the message resonated with me.  Someone once brought up to me that they had watched a movie where what you were thinking was placed above your head, and visible for everyone to see. We got on the topic of how that would totally change the world we live in today, and probably force people to be nicer. I talked about this on Instagram a little bit this weekend, but shortly after I posted that photo I found myself in the same situation at a local ice cream shop. Two girls on the other side of the window, staring so obviously it was uncomfortable – and then talking about me and my part time assistant to each other. They were in their very early twenties and probably home from college. I don’t know what they were saying, but by the expression on their faces and their body language, it wasn’t nice. In Seattle, Bailey and I were taking blog pictures at Pike Place market and the same thing happened repeatedly, except that time it was passive aggressive so they could make sure we heard them. I see women tearing other women down on the Internet more often than I see them lifting each other up. It’s not just me, it’s happening everywhere. What if we all walk around like people can read thoughts above our heads? Wouldn’t we want them to be positive? Where is the negativity stemming from? Personally, the reward and joy I get from making just one person a day smile or happy, far outweighs how being nasty towards others feels. So if you’re reading this, do something nice for someone today. It doesn’t have to be big, but shell out a compliment to a stranger, smile to someone who looks like they could use a smile, buy the person in line behind you at Starbucks a coffee, be grateful for those around you, offer to help someone who you know needs help or tell someone they are beautiful. If every person who follows me here made an effort to do just one nice thing every day, that’s 100,000 good deeds a day. Lead by example, and imagine what kind of change we could see. Be kind, be humble, be you.
PS: If you don’t own a pair of these jeans, I highly recommend them in any wash! I have them in white as well, and they are hands down my favorite jeans. They fit true to size, have Lycra in them, don’t stretch out, and wash well! I am eyeing the darker wash for fall!


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