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Apple Cider Mimosas

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, and Friendsgiving in full action, I wanted to talk about my favorite holiday cocktail recipe! Apple Cider Mimosas are my jam! A few weeks ago, Shane and I went over to a friends house for Halloween, and she brought Apple Cider Mimosas for everyone. I don’t know why I never thought to mix these two together, but what a game changer that was (insert heart eyes emoji)! It tastes absolutely delicious, it’s simple, and they’re super fun for the holidays! 
1 Champagne of choice
1 Apple Cider of choice (I choose cider made of Honeycrisp apples)
1 Apple
1 Tbsp of Cinnamon Sugar 
Dip the top of each Champagne glass into a little water to wet the rim of the glass, and then dip in the Cinnamon Sugar to coat. Poor each Champagne glass 1/2 full with Champagne (I went 3/4 full here). Top the rest of the glass off with Apple Cider. The ratio here is really up to you, the Apple Cider is concentrated enough that you don’t taste a strong Champagne taste! Cut apple slices for garnishing. Cheers!


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