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27 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today is my 27th birthday! It feels weird saying that. What’s even weirder, is that this is the first time in as long as I can remember that I actually forgot I had a birthday coming up. By now, I usually have a list of things ready to go for when Shane asks what I want for my birthday – even though he prefers to pick something out himself. But this year feels different! I’ve spent all of my time and energy into wedding planning, and thinking about our big day that it’s overshadowed the excitement of a birthday. And you know what, I’m actually perfectly okay with it! There’s something liberating about knowing there’s a bigger and better celebration right around the corner!
But don’t be fooled, I still expect to feel special today (ahem, Shane.) 
Anyway, I feel like there’s so many things you guys don’t know about me – so I thought it would be fun to share 27 interesting little facts about muahhh (I really wish blogposts had emoji’s, that one goes perfectly with the girl holding her right arm up). 
1. I was born in Holland, and am a dual citizen of both the United States and Holland.
2. I speak Dutch fluently.
3. I played fast pitch softball for 11 years and was a pitcher. 
4. I have a Husky named Titan who might as well be my human son.
5. I hate going to the mall. The second I get there, I’m ready to leave.
6. I was a Real World contestant in college (my video submission is still floating around on the internet somehwere – LOL so embarrassing).
7. Coffee is my vice. No talkie, before my coffee.
8. I eat Flinstone gummy vitamins when I crave anything sweet.
9. I can’t sit with my back to a door, I have a weird phobia that someone is going to come up behind me and try to take me/scare me/ etc. 
10. I have to sleep on the left side of the bed in a hotel, but at home I only sleep on the right. 
11. I talk in my sleep… nonstop. Shane has videos of me saying the weirdest things to him in the middle of the night. 
12. Mexican is my favorite type of food.
13. In college, I worked as a correspondent for a company called One Minute News. Those videos are floating around out there somewhere too. 
14. I’ve been to every continent on the planet except Africa and Asia. 
15. I’ve been to Antarctica four times.
16. I don’t drink beer. At all. 
17. My favorite cocktail is a Cosmopolitan.
18. I met Shane when he interviewed me. 
19. Then we hid our relationship for a year and a half at work because we technically weren’t allowed to date within the office. Don’t worry, we both still work there (thank the lord).
20. I can only drink water out of a straw.
21. I rarely ever watch TV, but when I do – it’s usually something on Bravo. 
22. I don’t want to stay in Charlotte forever, I’d love to explore a new city for a few years and come back to Charlotte to raise a family. 
23. My parents nicknamed me “Shatta” after repeatedly breaking down my name into syllables when teaching me how to say it – “va” “ne” “sa”, Vanessa! – and I would repeat “va” “ne” “sa” – Shatta! 
24. Reading puts me to sleep – immediately. I’ll be wide awake, open a book and read 8 pages and now I can barely hold my eyes open.
25. If it’s not chocolate, I’m not interested. 
26. I’m a homebody. I prefer a night in with my sweatpants on, a home cooked meal and a good movie over a late night out all dolled up with a group of people (this happened over time, 6 years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead on the couch at 9 PM on a Friday).
27. I’m a planner, but contradictory to planning – I do everything last minute. I pack 20 minutes before I need to be at an airport, I leave for work at the last possible minute, I’m constantly rush shipping things, and sometimes I forget to make an appointment at the boarding facility until an hour before departure (thank god for those sweet people). I’ve always been that way, and I work best under pressure – to each their own. 
Well friends, that’s about it! Hopefully you learned something new about me today. I’m off to work, pre-marital counseling, and dinner with the best – happy Wednesday!


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